CORDUS is the result   of more than 10 years of research conducted by Russian scientists, a patented device e innovator to eliminate back pain,  because CORDUS corrects and  recovers the vertebral column position, relieving the joints’ pain  bettering our health, Increasing the body’s energetic status  solving the problem in other organs. besides CORDUS prevents the growth retardation in height of children and teenagers (osteochondrosis)


We highly recomend you to be inform regarding CORDUS operational principle as well as its research results.



Approved by the General Hospital in St. Petersburg


Dr. Igor Kutuzov

Neurologist, Founder and Director of  the chiropractic and rehab department in the Burdenko institute in Moscow.

Nowadays CORDUS is the best device that I know for treating back problems, because  it allows the people to put end the pain, restoring their circulation, releaving muscle and intervertebral spasms, and above all Cordus is able to eliminate the problem’s origin. Back on the days , Several sessions would have been taken for relaxing the small invertebrate muscles in patients with pain and spasms, now with CORDUS We can achieve it in less than a week. its the best feature stays in that the patient is able of having his/her own therapy at home without medical assistance.


Certificación Europea

No. 171299035


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